Opperbacco Imperial Deep Underground

Opperbacco Imperial Deep Underground 02

After a referee was kicked and riot police were called upon to calm unruly players and members of the crowd this Sunday past, the Municipality of Florence announced on Monday that victory in the Calcio Storico Fiorentino semi-final would be awarded to Bianchi.  It is in these extraordinary circumstances — and with Azzuri officially out of the running – that Bianchi now find themselves. The Whites now press on to the final and their opposition, the formidable Rossi. In a prepared statement, a Pallazzo Vecchio official explained that, “after reviewing referee reports and all available footage of the unrest and violence from yesterday’s semi-final of the Calcio Storica, during which three referees were injured and play was suspended, the municipal administration has decided that the game of 24 June will take place between the Red Party and the White Party, in full compliance with regulation.” Kepa, the player who punched the referee, then refused to leave the field, sending his manager into a fit of rage. Soon after a brawl erupted, requiring the intervention of locally stationed riot police. “It was only a big misunderstanding,” the manager when interviewed after the game. “Kepa was right, but in the wrong way — wrong in the way he conducted himself, but mentally he was right…” Upon further reflection the manager had the following to say: “He was right for his motivation, but not for the conduct.” The team has since fined the player a week’s wages following his refusal to be substituted.


Opperbacco Imperial Deep Underground

Microbirrificio Opperbacco, Notaresco, Italy

ABV: 9.5%


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