Lost Coast Brewery Fogcutter Double IPA


The taste on your tongue in the woodlands of the Antipodes – a million years of desiccated eucalyptus leaves – dries the sinuses, is cleansing for the soul, only muddied by a century or so of bulldust, scotch thistle, genocide, paterson’s curse.  Breathe deep.  Feel the mass of the island continent wash through you.  Invigorating!*

*ignore that bitter, guilty feeling at the back of the mouth.

Unlike the sweet eucalypt smells in California, where a gum tree was once seen as the denuded goldfields’ saviour, now as a pest.  Their canopies are prone to exploding in a wildfire and Hollywood Hills mansion incineration, their limbs to sudden widow-making (also uninhabitable by native fauna), their railway tie timbers to cracking and warping.   And yet, mixed with the distant perfume of pine, of sage, of bacon-wrapped hotdogs, exhaust fumes and gun violence, that smell is a most welcome reminder of the dear, drear, free West Coast.


Lost Coast Brewery Fogcutter Double IPA

Lost Coast Brewery, Eureka CA, USA

ABV: 8.7%


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