Eden Brewery Palm Pale


Before I looked into it, I didn’t think my passions extended to the point where they qualified as meeting with the dictionary definition of the word. But then, when I looked it up, I found that the things that interest me – and the way I embrace or consume or engage in or otherwise utilise those things – probably really does fit in with the meaning ascribed to the word.


The exception being, of course, the religious connotations associated with the word and its attribution to the events that resulted in the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. And the “passion” in the Passion of the Christ™ has, it is reasonable to say, thoroughly occupied large swathes of humanity for a couple of millennia now. In contrast, my passions are lucky to last a couple of weeks! I also have a very low pain tolerance.

Eden Brewery Palm Pale

Eden Brewery, Mittagong, New South Wales

ABV: 4.5%


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