Hop Nation Jedi Juice NEIPA

Hop Nation Jedi Juice NEIPA 03

Among the celebrated mineral waters, visitors can sample water from the Soda, Sulphur, Locano [sic], Dirty Scobie and Guano springs.  Bring an empty water bottle and fill up on your favourite from the Highlands’ first mineral reserve, created in 1977.

Ranger Smith tells us new pumps have recently been installed to ensure that the spring water is safe to drink.  He said that before the work the pumps had been in a flood zone.  ‘They used to get flooded out several times a year.  That increases the risk of corruption and pollution and bacteria like E. coli,’ Ranger Smith said.

Ranger Smith also told us water from the Locano [sic] spring was known as some of the best in the region. He attributed the water’s sweetness to high concentrations of sodium bicarbonate.

‘The waters are impregnated with a certain salt of an acid nature, for if any sal alkali or sal volatil is mixed with these waters, a precipitation will ensue, and the waters will become turbid, and of a milky nature,’ he said.

He said the upgraded facilities had given the site new life, making it a good place to come and visit.


Hop Nation Jedi Juice NEIPA

Hop Nation Brewing Co., Footscray, Victoria

ABV: 7.1%


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