Mornington Peninsula Mimas Red IPA

Mornington Peninsula Mimas Red IPA 01

Clarice often bemoans the lack of structural integrity in your Arnott’s Teddy Bear biscuit, or your Milk Arrowroot.  Clarice loves her Teddies and her Milk Arrowroots and, well, she will insist on dunking them until the inevitable happens, won’t she?  Plop!  “Oh, sod it!” she will exclaim.  The number of times the last mouthful of her tea-break cuppa has been one of soggy crumbs!  And the look on her face is the same every time.  Me: oh, I do like a good Malt’O’Milk though.  And I have the dunking down to a fine art.  Very rare that I’ll dunk too long.  Rather a bit of crunch in my Malt-o-Milk anyway.

The number of times though! “Oh, sod it!” she’ll say, then the face as she polishes off the crumby last gulp. And then off she’ll toddle, sucking her teeth on her way back on to the sales floor, mortified at the very thought of unsightly specks of bickie in her smile.


Mornington Peninsula Mimas Red IPA

Mornington Peninsula Brewery, Mornington, Victoria

ABV: 7.0%


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