Hairyman Brewery Gutsy Pale Ale

Hairy Man GPA

Foremost in my mind, and critical in my tilt toward Gymea TAFE Goonshine Glory, was the importance of procuring a pallet of unpasteurised grape juice. Preservative-free, or you’ll kill the yeast. “Nathan!” the masses yell, “Won’t somebody think of the yeast?!”

To avoid any chance of ending up embroiled in some kind of goonshine culture war, I splashed out on two premium grape juice varieties: Berri™ and Original. Strategising,  two flavours would win it, but to mix them together would surely wow the crowd. But in the heavily nuanced world of grape juice (both pasteurised and un-), there is but one flavour: grape. Not to downplay the quixotic palate of your fruity lexias or Coolabah Sweet Fruity White. But I digress!

Next stop: the bakery! Some might speculate, but I know for a fact, baker’s yeast ferments faster. And, well, I’m pretty “Grandpa Joe” about this kind of thing, so if someone tells me it’ll work quicker, who am I to argue.



Hairyman Brewery, Caringbah, New South Wales

ABV: 6.3%


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