Green Beacon Brewing Co. Red’s Dead Red IPA

Green Beacon Brewing Co. Red_s Dead Red IPA 01

Shêng / Upward Mobility

Underground, seedlings grow towards the light:
To preserve his integrity, the Superior Person contents himself with small gains that eventually lead to great accomplishment.

Supreme Success.
Have no doubts.
Seek guidance from someone you respect.
A constant move toward greater clarity will bring reward.

Aldobrandino of Siena once said that, “By way of thermal conditions ripe for animal bone splitting, and the releasing of the shell of the turtle, I read the conclusion-pattern. Generations of dictation have thus gifted us their lasting perspectives on yin and yang philosophy.”

Translating from the ancient Shang Dynasty texts into Italian, however, and then from Italian to French, and finally from French to English; things are prone to misinterpretation.


Red’s Dead Red IPA

Green Beacon Brewing Co., Teneriffe, Queensland

ABV: 6.4% 


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