Pikes Sparkling Ale

Pikes Sparkling Ale 02

There were so many confusing elements in the film, Somersault.  The depiction of my dear, dreary suburban Canberra up there on the silver screen! The woman who used to sell me my bus tickets! The bus used in The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert doubling up as the SnoExpress apparently leaving from a part of the old bus interchange that was never open to the public.  The Kambah Inn depicted very much like the Kambah Inn.

The very urbane Sam as the respectable farmer’s son, kissing Erik when he was meant to be in love with Abbie.  Things had already been pretty dysfunctional, but that just lead to further problems.  Sam got wasted because he was so confused, and then his dismissive old man just goes, “Harden up, young fella!”  Abbie got drunk because she thought Sam was leaving, and then she got taken advantage of by a cop from Kettering and Captain Jack Rackham. Where did that come from?!  Sam punched the cop and scarpered. The cop and Captain Jack slunk off back to Sydney.

Things came crashing down into a very Canberra anti-climax. Lynette kicked Abbie out of the motel after the scene with Sam, the cop and Captain Jack; Abbie lost it and blabbered that Olivia hated her and that she had nowhere to go, and then Lynette felt sorry for her, so they called and arranged for Olivia to drive down to Jindabyne to pick her up. Sam drove past and smiled and Abbie and Olivia headed back to Canberra.

Cue Decoder Ring.



Pikes Sparkling Ale

Pikes Beer Company, Clare Valley, South Australia.

ABV 5.2%


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